Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pumpkin Pickin'

A series of tests, papers, projects, etc. have kept me far too busy over the past couple days.  I'm counting down till I can officially be done with classes (May 2011!!!).  Last night we decided to take a break from the craziness and go pumpkin hunting.  There are a number of farms around Nashville and we wanted to check one out for a something a little more exciting than our usual choice from a grocery store.

We picked Hicklen Farm, a pumpkin farm in Nolensville, TN about 10 miles from our house.

The farm was absolutely adorable with more pumpkins than I'd ever seen in one place.  It has been farmed by the Hicklen family for 5 generations and raises about 12,000 pumpkins a year.  They had so many varieties and sizes to choose from.  I never knew there were so many kinds of pumpkins! 

The cutest old farmer showed me all around the place and told me so much about the pumpkins.  They had one funny kind I'd never seen before: Cinderella pumpkins!  How cute are they?!

Cinderella Pumpkins
They also had lots of wagons for pulling around your pumpkins (or children, apparently).

our pumpkins in a wagon
There are no prices on the pumpkins but we were told there was nothing over 5 dollars.  Once we finally settled on our three pumpkins we couldn't believe the total was only 8 bucks!  Way less than the price we've paid for one pumpkin at the grocery store in previous years.

On the drive home we drove by a little farmer's market type place with the biggest pumpkins I'd ever seen.  We stopped to check it out and ended up adding a fourth pumpkin to our backseat.  Hubs decided this one needed to be strapped in!

safety first

so big!
Our porch is now officially ready for the season.  I can't wait till carving time!

If you live in Nashville and are in search of the perfect pumpkin, you should definitely check out Hicklen's Farm!  I'm sure you will fall in love as I did.

The second and third Saturdays of October they offer free music and hay rides.
Apparently, all children get a free small pumpkin. 

Hicklen Farm
2410 Rocky Fork Road
Nolensville, TN 37135

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