Friday, April 12, 2013

We're Building a House!

Ever since committing to making the move to Las Vegas, we've been debating what to do for living arrangements.  We went around and around with the renting/buying debate and quickly became frustrated with all of the houses we'd see for sale as the interiors seemed very dated and not at all our style.  That, combined with the crazy Vegas housing market, led our search to new construction.

After several days of non-stop internet research, we found a floor plan we loved and reserved a lot in a new neighborhood.  The month following that was what I can only describe as an incredibly stressful roller coaster.  Every piece of good news was followed by a setback.  My need to control and plan every detail of life was certainly not cut out for purchasing a house, especially from afar.  
first photo sent from our sales manager earlier this month

Fortunately, we survived the month and made it out to visit earlier this week.  As we were driving out to the new neighborhood I was so nervous that we wouldn’t like the house for some reason and all of the stress would have been for nothing.  Luckily, that was not the case.  We were able to go inside our actual house and see everything first hand (even if it's just a bunch of sticks, plumbing and wires right now).  One of the model homes in the neighborhood is our floor plan so we were able to see everything as it will be at its completion.  It was super exciting!

house exterior, lots of drywall ready for install
back of the house

entry stairs and front door

back of master bedroom

views from our neighborhood
After signing our names a couple hundred times, we were official!  We celebrated with a delicious lunch at my new favorite, Cafe Rio.  

Our next appointment of the day was spent at the interior specialists to pick out cabinets, granite colors, flooring, etc.  We quickly realized imagining these things is more difficult than it seems so we'll be excited to see how everything turns out!  

our pretty granite

playing with options

After all the house stuff was taken care of, we met up with all of my new coworkers for dinner.  They were all incredibly welcoming to Mike and I and it was a lot of fun.  They really couldn't be a nicer group of people and I'm so excited to become a part of their group.  

Post-dinner we headed back to the strip to meet up with Ryan and Mil who had just arrived for their vacation. We had lots of fun hanging out in the casinos for a bit.  

In the morning, we finalized our financial stuff with our lender and then got to take R&M out to see our new house.  We loved being able to share it with them and get opinions from people who have been down this road a couple times.  

The plan is to close on our house from afar at the end of June.  I can't believe next time we come back west we will be moving into our house for good!  

one last pic of Vegas area from above