Sunday, May 31, 2015

Bump Update: Weeks 26-28

How big is baby? At 28 weeks, baby is the size of an eggplant.  She's about 16 inches long and weighs somewhere around 2.5 pounds.

How am I feeling?  Still doing pretty good.  Some days I've actually seen why people enjoy being pregnant.  Most of my pains have subsided and I am loving the current bump size.  Other days are filled with too many Braxton Hicks contractions and overall belly tightness that make me feel like I can't eat, or really move.  Those days require soaks in the tub and laying down.  I'm not much for resting so this is NOT ideal.  At my doctor's appointment this week, he nicely suggested I start to back off of more strenuous workouts and try to slow down in general. 
Food aversions/cravings?  I had a Chic-fil-a sandwich on the way to California and it was every bit as amazing as I'd hoped.  I wish we had one near us!  Otherwise, nothing really to report.  I'm hungry often but feel like there's no room in there for food.  Eating full meals is more uncomfortable than anything. 
Sleep:  Not too bad.  Usually awake for an hour or two in the middle of the night but that's about it.  I'm definitely noticing myself being more tired in the mornings.

Maternity clothes: Yes! The belly is officially large.  Sometimes I try old clothes on thinking they will have plenty of room and then just have to laugh at the belly sticking out of the bottom. 
Best moments: SO many kicks.  She's crazy and people near me can notice my belly hopping all around.  I've also reached the point where I can feel if she has her foot (or head, or butt) stuck against the surface.  It's so fun.  

We did our HD ultrasound yesterday and got to see our little girl.  I learned that 2D ultrasounds (which I actually like better usually because I find them to be less creepy) don't really show much at this stage because she's so crammed in there.  She did not cooperate and held her hands (and one foot) over her face most of the time.  It was exciting to catch a few glimpses of her little profile though!  We saw her smile, open her mouth and eyes and suck on her arm which was pretty cool. 

Miss anything? Being able to bend over easily.  Those days are definitely over.  Also, lung capacity.  I definitely huff and puff walking up hills now and had to take plenty of breaks on our recent hike to catch my breath. 

Nursery progress:  We finally got her shelf and a few of the wall d├ęcor items I'd been waiting on.  When we get them all up, it will mostly be done!
Thoughts on pregnancy:  I'm thrilled to be in the third trimester!  I feel like it being June means August is FINALLY getting close.  Also, slightly terrified about how uncomfortably huge I'm about to be.  Spending three hours in the OB waiting room for my glucose test reminded me just how much more growing I have ahead of me.  I can't even imagine...
Looking forward to: June will be a fun month as we are traveling for a mini beach vacation in Florida and spending a few days in Texas and seeing Garth Brooks!  I can't wait to see my family and for them to feel the little one move!

26 week + 5 days

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bump Update: Weeks 21-25

How big is baby? At 25 weeks, baby is the size of a head of cauliflower.  She's about 14 inches long and weighs almost 2 pounds.  All organs are formed and functioning and she's adding fat and growing hair (or maybe not since she's got my genes).  Her lungs are undergoing very important changes and producing surfactant.  Babies born at this stage have a chance at survival with lots of medical intervention. 

How am I feeling?  SO much better.  The nausea is pretty much gone which is beyond awesome.  The belly has grown a lot and I'm definitely feeling pregnant now.  Some days I feel stretched to capacity (though I know I'm no where close) and like there's no room for anything else in there.  My back and feet get so sore from supporting the extra weight and I'm still having lots of pressure pains after standing a bunch.  Some days are more uncomfortable than others but overall the last few weeks have been pretty good!

My belly button is getting so flat and I'm anxiously awaiting an outie.  Mike thinks this is gross but I totally want one!
Food aversions/cravings?  I've reached that stage of liking all the food.  Carbs are still extra delicious but I'm not sure I can really blame that on pregnancy anymore.  Fruit is still amazing and I love apples for the first time in my life.  Also, pregnancy really has made me want pickles!  I heard news of Chic-fil-a coming to Vegas and now all I want is a chicken sandwich with pickles. 
Sleep:  Not the best, but not the worst. The Snoogle is truly life changing and keeps me mostly comfortable.  I just have a few hours of insomnia in the middle of the night where I lay there wide awake.  Little girl is SO active at night that I often stay awake just to feel her kick. 

Maternity clothes: Yes! Old pants are not cutting it anymore and maternity clothes seem to be a bit more flattering than my regular clothes.  But I'm still getting away with some regular dresses and shirts.  I'll definitely need to be buying some larger swim tops before our beach trip next month as my current ones are encroaching on inappropriate!
Best moments: Baby kicks might be my answer every time.  I love feeling her move like crazy.  It's also fun that Mike gets to feel them almost daily now (when he's patient enough).  She's definitely a wild one in there and I often wonder when she sleeps.  It's also been fun that strangers are finally recognizing that I'm pregnant and not just fat! I get the most comments on this at the gym. 
We also have had a fun couple of weeks complete with camping and hiking in Zion (you should have seen my awesome bed), a trip to Memphis to see our friends and their perfect baby, and hosting a Kentucky Derby party.
23 weeks

25 weeks

Miss anything?  Our families!  I'm already realizing what people mean when they say you'll never miss your family more than when you have a baby.  Still missing deli meat and my morning caffeine.  I'm already dreaming of a big turkey sandwich immediately post-delivery :). 

Nursery progress:  The nursery is getting so close to being "done."  I'm waiting on a few more things I've ordered for the walls and still wanting some other "non-essential" items, but the majority of it is complete and we LOVE it.  It's been such a labor of love and has turned into our most favorite room in the house.  We can't wait to show it to everyone! 
Thoughts on pregnancy:  40 weeks is a very long time.  I'm definitely getting more and more excited as the weeks go by.  I've never wished for time to pass so quickly before in my life!  I also feel like my to-buy list is insane.  Newborns need a lot of stuff and I'll need to stop researching and start purchasing in the next few weeks!
Looking forward to: Third trimester is right around the corner and I can't wait to be in it.  We're also doing an ultrasound at 28 weeks as they say that's the best time to get a good look before things start to get too crowded in there.