Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bump Update: Weeks 19/20

How big is baby? At 20 weeks, baby is the size of a banana!  She's measuring 7 inches crown to rump (next week we officially switch over to head to toes measurements).  She was estimated to weigh 12 ounces at my ultrasound yesterday.  She's pretty much fully formed at this point and is starting to fatten up and just needs to grow like crazy for 20 more weeks. 

How am I feeling?  More and more days with only mild nausea.  I am crossing my fingers I'm finally through the worst of it! I've been dealing with LOTS of awful nerve pain.  Made an emergency trip to the doctor last week because of all the pain and was assured everything is fine.  Apparently baby was just really low and pressing on everything.  Hopefully this will ease up as the belly grows to better accommodate her.  This pain has been much improved the last few days and is only happening a few times a day (and night when I'm trying to sleep!) so I'm really hoping it is gone soon. 
Food aversions/cravings?  Most foods are good now the first time through.  Leftovers, however, are frequently making me gag.  Still loving cereal and bread and finally loving salads again!
Sleep:  Still pretty bad.  I wake up all the time and have a hard time being comfortable.  Little girl dances a lot at night so part of it is just wanting to stay up and feel her move instead of sleep.  My snoogle (an absurdly large but awesomely reviewed pregnancy pillow) arrives today so I'm hoping that helps! 
Maternity clothes: Thankful for the maternity jeans and shorts sent by a friend.  I'm not sure I'll ever want to wear pants with buttons again.  I'll probably need to go shopping soon as the bump definitely made itself known the last week or so. 
Best moments: Right at 19 weeks, Mike got to feel several strong kicks from outside the belly.  It was so awesome to be able to share that with him.  His expression on his face was my favorite!  Days with lots of movement are my absolute favorite.  I can't wait till they get stronger and more obvious. 
Our 20 week anatomy scan was obviously the best moment so far.  We got to see her dancing on the screen for almost 45 minutes as they measured her arms, legs, belly, and skull and confirmed her heart, kidneys, and brain were properly formed.  It was pretty amazing and every single measurement came back perfectly.  She kept looking right at us or holding her hands over her face so it made it hard to get a good look at her profile. This was my favorite photo of the day.   
looks comfy! ;)
Miss anything?  My abs? haha.  I haven't worked out much the last two weeks because of all the pain but I'm hoping to get back in the groove asap. 
Nursery progress:  The nursery is looking amazing.  We finally finished all the work on the walls and unwrapped the furniture.  We sit in there a lot because we love it so much.  I cannot wait for it to be finished and home to our little girl!
Thoughts on pregnancy:  The past two weeks were definitely an emotional roller coaster.  A week of bad pain and I'm convinced something is horribly wrong.  A week later and a good doctors appointment and I'm back to being the happiest, most grateful mama-to-be ever. 
Looking forward to: Now that the bump has started to actually look more baby and less dinner, I'm super excited for it to keep growing! I also can't wait for the kicks to get stronger!
Shopping for the little miss is my new favorite thing to do!