Monday, August 26, 2013

Life Lately

So it's been a very long time since my last update and a lot has changed!  First off, I finally finished up my residency and graduated! 


We were very lucky to have all of our parents in Nashville for the occasion and we enjoyed our celebrations with everyone. 

Immediately after graduation, we made the loooong drive out to Las Vegas. 

31 hours in the car luckily went by without too much trouble (except for a temperamental moving truck and one spiteful cat who hated every second of it).  The views in the second half of the trip were pretty spectacular. 

We were beyond excited to be able to pull up to our brand new house! 
The next few weeks were a little insane.  We spent the first week celebrating the fourth, unpacking and exploring a little bit.  
(Okay, there was also an incredibly awesome Garth Brooks show in the mix too :)

M headed to Chicago for two weeks to train for his new job while I held down the new house solo.  I started my new job while cramming board exam studying into every free second I had.  We enjoyed brief escapes from the study/work cycle for furniture shopping and dinners out. 
Boards finally took place last week and my free time returned!  The craziness has made our time here fly by and I can't believe we moved in almost two months ago.  We are so excited to finally have time to take advantage of our fun new location and get some progress made on the house.  Stay tuned!