Friday, October 23, 2015

Hannah Claire: Months 1 and 2

I had every intention of doing regular updates on you little girl, but you like to keep me very busy.  Time has absolutely flown by and each evening as we put you down to sleep I'm left wondering how another day has passed.  I'm absolutely in love with you and am so, so grateful that I get to be your Mom.  
heading home from the hospital

The first two weeks were a blur of feeding, changing diapers, and soaking up newborn cuddles.  There was little sleep to be had when breastfeeding every two hours but I never felt like the exhaustion was too bad.  We had lots of help in the first month.  Not having to worry about cooking, dishes, and laundry allowed me to focus completely on you, Hannah.  

I've tried my absolute hardest to take complete advantage of my maternity leave and absorb every second with you.  My goal is to not look back and wish I'd spent more time.  You're growing and changing so quickly and I know these are moments I'll never get back.  There have been many hours of snuggling on the couch or walking laps around the house as I attempt to memorize the weight of your body in my arms and the way your lips move and your eyes flutter as you sleep.  

My favorite memories of your first month are of your newborn wiggles and grunts (I had NO idea newborns were so noisy) and the way you smile as you fall in and out of sleep.  You love to stretch out big with your arms over your head and your back arched and head thrown back.  Your favorite way to sleep is snuggled up on my chest with your little froggy legs curled up under your body and your head tucked up under my chin.  If you're too low, you find a way to squirm up so your face is touching mine and it melts my heart every time.  Your little fists love to grasp our fingers and hold on tight.  Kissing the storks bite at the back of your neck is my absolute favorite thing.  Your dad and I joke that you're losing your hair because we can't stop rubbing our cheeks on your soft little head.  We think your perfect lips, soft cheeks, and great big eyes make you the cutest baby ever.  As far as life with you is concerned, you're an easy baby who sleeps easily and rarely fusses.  We feel very lucky!

Weeks 4-6 were quite the transformation as you "woke up" from your newborn-ness.  You became much more engaged with the world around you and with that came a constant need for attention.  You much prefer when someone is actively holding you and talking to you (which we are happy to do!).  We joke that you are now a high maintenance baby as you'll cry out the second someone looks away from you.  

While you were often smiling before, it was probably unintentional.  Your first "official" smile happened on 9/24 when you were 5 weeks old.  Daddy made Mommy crack up laughing (by pretending to walk down spiral stairs- you'll one day learn this is one of his favorite jokes) and you responded with a big, gummy smile that lit up your whole face and melted our hearts.  You hold your head up like a champ and everyone who meets you comments on how strong you are.  You had your share of fussy times (and even a few fussy days) which stressed us out a bit!  Luckily those adorable smiles of yours more than made up for it.  You began to sleep from bedtime (somewhere between 7 and 9) to around 1-2 in the morning which has been amazing for me!  You love to hold weight on your legs and insist on doing it even when they are so tired they are shaking.  Having your legs kicked when you're laying down makes you smile every time.  You had your first bottle from Daddy and love to hold my shirt in your hand when you are breastfeeding.  

big gummy smiles

At week 7, you started to get over the fussiness and were back to our mostly happy baby.  I've learned to keep you on somewhat of a rotation of eating, playing, and sleeping (in that order) instead of letting you fall asleep nursing.  It seems we get through the days with a lot more happy times and you only really fuss when you're tired and ready for your nap.  I wish we could figure out a schedule but the duration of your naps is still completely random and I never know if it will last 30 minutes or two hours.  

We took your first flight to Florida and you were beyond awesome during the travel.  The way there you slept almost the entirety of the airport, both flights, and the 2 hour drive.  On the way back, you decided to stay awake for most of the flights but were perfectly happy to smile and interact with us and never made a fuss.  

Once we were back home, I transitioned you out of the Rock & Play and into your bassinet at night and to napping in your crib during the day.  The transition took lots of persistence as we tried over and over again and traded in our 1-2 wakeups at night for a few more.  We've finally convinced you to take a paci and not hate being swaddled and it has helped so much with you falling asleep and staying there.  

You started to coo which has been the most fun thing ever.  I could talk to your little "ah goos" and squeals for hours.  You have the cutest little high pitched voice and we can't get enough of it.  You love to stand as much as possible and have the most perfect posture when you do it.  Your little body sways as you try so hard to hold upright and your eyes open so wide like you're so surprised by what you're doing.  

You've learned to love the mobile on your swing and you will smile and talk to it.  You reach for the hanging toys on your gym and do pretty well with tummy time for a few minutes before you're over it.  You love to hold something in your hand - mostly your blanket or your bunny Wubbanub.  You still think having your feet marched is hilarious and you've started to like your hands moved as well.  You suck on the back of your hand and are the most ticklish little girl on your feet and your belly.  

At week 8, you are always "talking."  You love to lay and talk to us or stare at books as we read.  When we hold you upright, you've started to hang on to our shoulders which feels like the most adorable little hug.  You definitely prefer being held in this position now because it lets you see more of the world.  You're still sucking on the back of your hand and getting really close to being able to keep it there.  Baths are your favorite and you're very calm when you're in the water.  How you feel about getting out and being cold is another story!  You've started to be a constant drooler and you blow lots of spit bubbles.  Morning walks in the stroller have been extended as you are finally content to go longer distances without wanting OUT.  

Two months with you have gone by so fast.  You have brought so much joy and love to our lives and we are constantly saying how incredibly fortunate we are to have you.  Life has definitely changed even more than I imagined but I much prefer it with you in it.  You've changed so much in such a short time and I know there is only more to come.  We love you little one!