Friday, March 22, 2013

An interview in Vegas

At the end of February, I had a job interview out in Las Vegas.  I flew out on a Tuesday night and checked into my amazingly pretty hotel room suite at the Venetian.

venetian at night
view of the pool from my window

hotel lobby
Wednesday was interview day!  I ordered room service for breakfast after realizing I'd probably get lost trying to find food and end up late to the interview.  Apparently oatmeal and a banana brought to your door rings in at 30 dollars.  Whoops.

at least it was tasty!

I spent all day split between the two clinics and had the chance to meet most of the employees there.  Everyone was really awesome and very happy with their job and the workplace atmosphere. The interview seemed to go great and I left feeling excited about the job. 

Because they encouraged me to spend some extra time in the city looking around, we decided to fly Mike out for the remainder of the trip.  (Bonus that it was his birthday- lucky boy!).  He arrived Wednesday evening just in time for dinner.

hubs is here!
One of the best parts of the strip to me is the food - so many good restaurants to choose from! After dinner we spent a fun night in the casino seeing how long we could last on a few dollars (answer: a very long time!).

officially a birthday boy
Thursday we were up early enjoying an amazing breakfast at Bouchon in our hotel and then off to explore a bunch of housing in areas we'd researched online.  We quickly realized all Vegas houses are the same- stucco with tile roofs and colors of the desert.  We had fun guessing whether yards with some green in them were real grass or turf.

A much needed break from the house stress was taken at Grimaldi's.  Ever since our meal here in Brooklyn, I've been dreaming of this pizza.  It was every bit as amazing as I remembered!

best pizza ever
We continued our housing tour for a few more hours, but overall it was less than productive.  I realized I would need to majorly adjust my love of southern style farm houses before my next search.  

Our afternoon and evening were spent back on the Strip.  We visited a few more casinos, ate an incredible dinner at Emeril's Table 10 (must go back immediately), and went to see "O" by Cirque du Soleil.

the Wynn

the Palazzo

Bellagio fountains- my favorite thing to see!

Bellagio atrium
Friday morning I met with the people from the job interview and received an offer!  I was so excited and couldn't wait to share the news with Mike.  We had a great last day in Vegas wandering around the Strip and enjoying the amazing weather.  70 and sunny? yes please!

free mimosas for him and bellinis for her

cosmopolitan crystal
After a week or so of discussion, we decided the opportunity for the job at such an awesome clinic was one I couldn't turn down.  We've officially accepted the offer and are busy making plans to move out west in July.  It's crazy to think of moving so far away from everyone we love but everyone wants an excuse to go to Vegas right? 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Trip to Denver: Snowmobiling

One of our adventures in Colorado involved snowmobiling to the Continental Divide.  Only part of the group had been on board one of these before and it was definitely an adventure.  After my unsuccessful bout of jet-ski driving, I knew I'd be better off leaving the driving to Mike. 

ready to go!
The trip to the top was amazing.  The views were so gorgeous and the ride was super fun. 

When we finally made it to the top, we "accidentally" went beyond the end of the non-guided tour spot and went all the way to the top of the divide.  It was pretty incredible- mountain views 360 degrees.

I actually was forced to drive in this open area for a bit by my Husband.  Not surprisingly, I quickly managed to drive right out off the groomed snow into the super deep powder at the edge of the mountain.  He wasn't too happy when we had to get off and drag the machine back to normal ground.  I warned him! 

Overall, the experience was pretty amazing and I definitely want to return!  


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Trip to Denver: Sledding Hill VIDEOS

We managed to capture quite a few pretty hilarious videos of our sledding fun.  Enjoy!


Trip to Denver: Sledding Hill

ready for the snow
A few weeks ago, we went to Colorado to spend some time in the snow with my Dad and Cindy.  Ryan and Mil met us out there with the kiddos and we all had so much fun.  They rented a house in Granby, CO so that we were close to all the mountain fun. 

mountain views
One bonus of the place was the giant sledding hill out back. 

sledding hill

We had an absolute blast seeing how many crazy ways we could try to kill ourselves sled down the mountain.  

There was also a nice, mega jump in the middle of the hill that helped us in our mission to make sledding as painful as possible.

This little guy wasn't a huge fan of the scary sledding but he sure was the cutest snowball maker around.