Sunday, March 17, 2013

Trip to Denver: Sledding Hill

ready for the snow
A few weeks ago, we went to Colorado to spend some time in the snow with my Dad and Cindy.  Ryan and Mil met us out there with the kiddos and we all had so much fun.  They rented a house in Granby, CO so that we were close to all the mountain fun. 

mountain views
One bonus of the place was the giant sledding hill out back. 

sledding hill

We had an absolute blast seeing how many crazy ways we could try to kill ourselves sled down the mountain.  

There was also a nice, mega jump in the middle of the hill that helped us in our mission to make sledding as painful as possible.

This little guy wasn't a huge fan of the scary sledding but he sure was the cutest snowball maker around.

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  1. haha the wipeout videos matched pretty perfectly with what I imagined happening after I saw these pics :) Looks like SO much fun.