Friday, November 9, 2012

Halloween Hunt 5 Miler

Over Halloween weekend, we ran our fourth race of the month.  This one was part of the Tennessee State Park Running Tour which consists of 21 races run throughout the winter, each at a different state park and of various distances. 

We ran this race last year and loved it.  It's a short drive from our house, includes two laps around a gorgeous lake and is at the perfect time of year for seeing lots of pretty, brightly colored trees. 

I decided to get in the Halloween spirit and dress in costume.  It was so fun to run as Raggedy Ann! 

It was randomly VERY cold so I was happy for the silly hat ;).  The 5 miles flew by and I felt speedier than my normal self (maybe due to the cold). 

One bonus of small races: free race photos. 

Mike finished before me and grabbed the camera before I crossed the finish line. 

waving hi
We both had a great race, beat our goals by a bunch and had so much fun. 

We claimed our post-race hot dogs and cookies and crowded by the grills for some warmth.  Mike went to look at the results and told me something very unexpected-  I'd placed first in my (small) age group! 

I'm not quite sure how that happened, but I'll take it.  We finished up with the costume contest (there were some awesome ones) and awards ceremony where we each got trophies before going home to watch the Gators pathetic game against Georgia. 

who gives trophies for fourth place? ;)
We have been impressed by all of the races in this series.  They are all well run, very friendly, and cost only 6 dollars.  We are definitely hoping to run a few more this season!