Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is here!

When we were debating between renting a house and an apartment, one of the negatives on my house-list was keeping up with a yard.  I hesitated today when M suggested "yard work" but, because the forecast was said 75 and sunny, I went along with it as an excuse to be outside.  Turns out, my portion of the yard work was super fun and we enjoyed a great couple of hours outside. 

My mom gave us some adorable pots (planters?) for our porch a while back that have sat empty because of the never-ending cold.  Today we hit-up Lowe's Garden Center to look for some colorful additions to our patio.  There were SO many more choices than I knew what to do with.  I quickly limited my search to plants classified as "resilient" (so we don't kill them), needing direct sun, and not-floppy petals. 

We have been struggling with the grass in the backyard due to some shady spots.  Hubs bought grass seed and had to rake up a patch to put it in.  Ellie was right there to help ;)  I assisted by taking pictures.

I potted gerbera daisies, tulips and zinnias. It reminded me of all the flowers my Mom and I would plant every spring out on our pool deck. 

We also got this little kit (the Lowe's lady promised it was easy enough for first-timers).  You dump a bunch of water in the case and the little disks grow into these little things of soil.  You put some seeds in the top and cover them up inside until they start to grow.  I think this would be really fun for kids to do.  Well... if they grow...

We also decided to grill some sausages for lunch.  Notice the GIANT hotdog buns I made out of the previously-mentioned pumpkin bread.

Had to include a picture of our super-pretty blooming trees out front!  I love them!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Help Needed!

I need your help!  Ellie is quickly growing out of her collar so I've been spending way too much time on etsy looking for a new one.  {Could anyone else spend all day on this site?}  I would love your votes on which one I should pick as I cannot make a decision!! Thanks!
GreenTealandBrownPaisley {PinkysPetGear}
Olivia {shoparleebee}
Antoinette {Shoparleebee}

The Royal {AddisonLogan}

GreenSpiral {3pooches}

Go Gators {fairytailcollars}

The Happy Heart {AddisonLogan}
calypso blue {PinkysPetGear}
The Whale Watcher {AddisonLogan}
This one is already a must for football season but I thought I'd share anyway :)
Go Gators {MissMaddieDesigns}

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vegas: 3

Our last day in Vegas was spent revisiting all our favorite places.  We started it out with breakfast in the Bellagio at the super cute cafe: bananas foster crepe and ham and cheese croissant.
world's largest chocolate fountain.

We went back to the Cosmopolitan to play the best game in Vegas...
video hold'em
We looked for these at every casino but only found it here.  Hopefully it will catch on everywhere!

trying to win a tesla.

I'd read about a new dessert place with frozen hot chocolate so we went to get Mike one.  Apparently it was awesome... good thing for 13 dollars!

donuts the size of dinner plates.  so getting one next time.
trying to see the bellagio fountains at the wrong time of day. boo.
We finished up our trip with lunch and using up the rest of our free gambling back at the Palazzo. 

After one more round of the wheel game, we got on the shuttle back to the airport.

Overall, I had a great getaway with the Mister and a really great break from the semester.  Hoping for a return visit soon!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Good thing about coming home

Freshly bathed and ready for love...

Vegas: 2

Our second day in Vegas was one for exploring.  One of my favorite things about the strip is just seeing the casinos.  You seriously cannot imagine how big these places are until you see them in person. Walking from one to another can take like 20 minutes! The decorations inside are also out of control.  We were excited to explore since so many new casinos have been built since our last trip.

Here's Day 2!
first stop: Mirage
Second: Forum shops- crazy shopping

Caesar's/Forum shops
bellagio lobby ceiling
LOVING that it was warm and sunny every second of the trip!
Cosmopolitan: new favorite casino- everything is done in crystals and sparkle.  love.
more Cosmopolitan sparkle

lunch at the aria
we both took pictures in the bathroom.
turning 10 into 27 on my favorite game: the wheel
I had to win to cover M's losses.  true story.
didn't make it inside NY-NY this time.
venetian. where we spent most of our time.
ready for dinner.
view from my dinner seat. super fancy Okado in the Wynn.
finished the night in the Palazzo.
We made it back last night around 1.  Now I'm anxiously awaiting 10:00 so that I can pick up Ellie!  We are sooo excited to see her cute face!