Saturday, March 5, 2011

Valentine's Recap

This semester has been, in a word, exhausting.  I'm getting home late Mondays from class, Tuesdays from lab, and Wednesdays from clinicals and spending 8+ hours in labs on Saturdays.  We have two lab reports due every week, thoughts of our upcoming oral exams looming, plus our normal load from classes, practicum, etc.  And, as you probably know, I'm not one to skimp on the studying.

As a result of this crazy schedule, I've felt like my relationships with friends, family, and Mike have suffered.  So, when Hubs asked me what I wanted to do for Valentine's day, I provided him with a short list.  My wishes included: making a fun dinner together, taking Ellie to a park, and making some festive treats.  It took us awhile to complete the list but it was all super fun and I was exceedingly grateful for the quality time. 

my second favorite flower (no peonies in February ;))

we made sushi!

the rolls.

his and hers cake balls. my new favorite dessert food.

cake ball up close.

my favorites.

And being the awesome Hubs that he is, he threw in an unexpected treat:
pie pan I've been drooling over. {here}

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