Friday, October 15, 2010

Fall Break

I had a professor my first semester of grad school that joked about the number of holidays we would spend together- President’s Day, Veteran’s Day, and MLK Day you’ll find Vanderbilt students in class.  While it’s very annoying being in school while everyone else has off, the addition of Fall Break to the school calendar is a welcome one.  This week ended on Wednesday for me (complete with a terrible, awful quantum midterm but that's besides the point) so we headed to north Georgia to spend the weekend with my big brother, Alex, and his wife, T.  We arrived late last night and are really excited about all the fun things they have planned for us.  I realized I never posted some of the pictures from their trip to Nashville back over the fourth of July weekend so I thought I’d share some of the fun we had then.  

We honkey-tonked and hit up Alex's favorite spot for the $1 PBR can special.   


We visited the Chihuly glass exhibit at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens for my first time (mentioned here).

We ate... alot...

patriotic cupcakes

patriotic dishes, courtesy of my amazing mom
 Had dinner at a delicious sushi place:

 Mike and I ran a 10K through downtown...

Took part in some fierce shuffleboard table (my favorite!) and billiard battles. 

And watched the most incredible fireworks display I'd ever seen over the river while eating funnel cakes on the roof of a downtown building. 

It was such a great weekend and we're so excited for another few days together.  

The boys headed out early this morning to the shooting range to try out some of their toys so I'm taking advantage of the time to get a little work done. 

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