Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Jars

When my mom told me about a cheap and easy Halloween project, I couldn't wait to try it.  All you need: clean glass jars, tissue paper, black paper, Mod Podge, and a sponge brush. After emptying out a few jars in our fridge and telling the Mr. he now had two bowls of pickles to eat, I cleaned and dried them completely. 

Next, I cut up pieces of tissue paper into strips. For two of the jars, I used strips long enough to go around the circumference of the jars.  I started at the bottom, applied a thin layer of Mod Podge, and smoothed on one strip of tissue paper. Then I added another layer of Mod Podge where I wanted to put the next piece of tissue paper and smoothed it on.  Overlapping them is key because once the candles are inside it's more see-through than you might expect.  Continue adding tissue paper until the whole jar is covered being sure to put some paper on the inside rim of the jar.  If you touch the paper while it is too wet you might leave little finger size holes in it so if it gets hard to hold the glass part, wait a few minutes before continuing.

For the other two jars, I cut strips a little longer than the height of the jars and applied the strips vertically.  This is perfect for making it look like a pumpkin! 

Once the jars are completely covered with tissue paper, coat the entire thing with another thin layer of Mod Podge. 

Next, you'll want to cut your design out of black paper.  To do the more complicated ones, I googled  pumpkin carving patterns for the designs I wanted and put a white piece of computer paper on the screen and traced it (gently!) with a highlighter.  I overlayed this on the black paper and cut it out. 

To apply it to the jar, add small amounts of the glue, apply the cutouts and cover with a final layer of glue.

Put a tealight inside when the jars have dried for a cool, homemade decoration!

{I don't know how to use a lighter so these aren't lit}

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