Friday, October 22, 2010

Weekend at Bubba's... Part 2

Saturday we all woke up early and put on bathing suits despite temperatures in the upper 30s!
self timed. oh yeah.

We hopped in the car and drove through some crazy mountain roads to our white water rafting destination.  I'd only rafted once in Canada a few years ago and T had never been.  It was quite the experience!  Our guide was awesome and had our boat doing some ridiculous maneuvers.  We surprisingly only had one "man overboard" but it felt like we were in danger of all falling in many times!  It was great fun though and we experienced some incredible views when we had the chance to look around.  I can't wait to go again!

it was SO cold!

"you must be from Florida, you're wearing shorts"
Action shots "borrowed" from the website.  Notice how Mike manages to pose for each one the same way!  Maybe he's hoping they'll put him in their ads. 

After the vigorous white water rafting we were ready  for some food!  Luckily, Alex and T had the best place ever for a hungry crowd picked out.  We arrived at the Dillard House and were quickly seated by a window overlooking the gorgeous mountains.  As we were curiously looking around for menus, our hosts informed us that there are no menus... what??  Then, the food started arriving... and it just kept coming...

It was sooooo good.  And unlimited.  Yumm.

today's menu: you get it all


anyone know what kind of flower this is? so pretty!

When we got back home, we played with the furkids for a bit.  They are adorable.  It didn't help my intense desire for a dog...


Charlie- he's such a teddy bear!

They call them Chuddles because they can't stand to be apart.

We finished up the day on a sad note by watching the gators lose. at home. on homecoming. to mississippi state.  ugh.

I did a lot of this.

and a little of this.

One day left!


  1. holy moly we used to go to the dillard house EVERY SUMMER when we vacationed in northern georgia. we stayed in hiawassee which should be close by there. definitely remember some delish mac and cheese.

  2. really!? I had no idea. M and I actually commented that the only thing that could make it better would be mac and cheese. Maybe just not on our menu that day!