Monday, October 18, 2010

Girl's Weekend

A few weeks ago, a bunch of my favorite girls made their way to Florida to celebrate our dearest bride-to-be's pre-wedding weekend.  Saturday afternoon was spent at Erin's bridal shower.  The games were hysterical, company great, and food delicious (yumm Publix cake!). 

Bride and bridesmaids
Later that night, we regrouped at a hotel in downtown Gainesville for the Bachelorette party.  Planning this event was a ton of fun.  I decorated wine glasses for everyone and another bridesmaid made festive coozies for us all to take out that night.  We dressed Erin up in veil and sash and made her guess which girl brought each pair of panties hanging in the room.

guess the panties
bachelorette gear
We call ourselves JAKE (Julianne, Alyssa, Katie, Erin)

the whole crew
We headed out on the town for an awesome sushi dinner at our favorite place, Dragonfly. 

Afterward, we spent the evening laughing and dancing at 101. 

It was such a fun weekend and it went by way too fast!  Wedding pictures soon :)

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