Monday, September 13, 2010

Week Recap

This past week flew by!  I guess this summer made me forget how quickly time goes by when I'm taking a full course load.

Last Sunday night, we went to Franklin, TN for a jazz festival.  The weather was awesome and I loved walking through their historic downtown.  It was an adorable street with lots of little boutiques and restaurants.  Most things were closed seeing as it was a Sunday night but we have plans to go back soon for some browsing!

My week was filled with a ridiculous amount of staring at my quantum mechanics book and digging deep in my brain to try to uncover some of the calculus/differential equation knowledge I used to have so much of.  If I make it through this class alive, I will be amazed!

Friday night, Hubs and I headed downtown to visit a few Honky Tonks we used to frequent when we lived two blocks away.  Nashville was overrun with purple and gold as the LSU tigers came to beat up on Vandy.  We did manage to bond with a few gator fans though :)

Saturday I spent the majority of my day in the clinic for "Calibration Saturday." (That means it's time for the  yearly calibration of our Linear Accelerators).  It was a pretty awesome experience for my class as it was the first time we got to participate in the event after spending months studying the theory behind the process.  Having to rely on text messages to follow the Gator game was the only downfall (though a pretty significant one!). 

Once done, Mike and I set out for Gatlinburg to meet up with his parents who were there house hunting in the mountains (we are crossing out fingers for the new vacation home!).  Unfortunately, the worst storms of my life happened to be going on as we drove.  It started out with these completely eerie black clouds.  A little hard to see, but trust me... those are clouds of solid black descending on us- about to dump ridiculous amounts of rain, lightning, and wind (and a tree dangerously close to our car!).

We had to make many stops in parking lots along the way and unfortunately couldn't get out of the car as the power was out at every place (yes, this power outage included streetlights).  Eventually we made it to the hotel and to dinner to get some food in my very hungry belly.  We also went to a brewery next door to enjoy a delicious beer sampler and catch a few glares at our gator gear from the sea of Tennessee orange.

Sunday morning we went to try out Gatlingburg's Pancake Pantry.  It was incredibly delicious and waaaay less crowded than the Nashville version.  It was neat to compare the two.  Dave was impressed with my ability to put away such a large quantity of pancakes.  He commented that I ate more than everyone else.... I don't mess around there!

Mike and I tagged along to look at a few more cabins and had fun dreaming about going there for vacation sometime soon.  I love how different mountain houses are from what we are used to in Florida.  They leave you wishing for fall and winter!  Afterwards, we all headed to the Great Smoky Mountain Flea Market before Mike and I returned to Nashville.  It was a short trip but it was so great to get to spend some time with the fam!

I didn't get to see any real black bears but I settled for this big fuzzy guy!
You never can tell what you'll find at a flea market!  He was even drinking a can of diet mountain dew- a monkey after my own heart!
Sunday night we got home just before dark and I decided to take advantage of our incredible weather and go running.  I've been trying to take it easy because I've been struggling with my silly foot issue again for a few weeks.  I was pretty excited to run four miles with almost no pain! 

I'm heading to bed early tonight to try to catch up on some lost sleep!

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