Tuesday, September 14, 2010

At-home Strength Variety Workout

I reeeally wanted to run today.  I went so far as to get dressed and ready to go before I convinced myself that I'd better not push my luck.  Apparently, Hubs is tired of me complaining about my foot hurting.  Instead I decided to do some strength training at home.  I worked up quite a sweat!  I'd never done most of these exercises before and I enjoyed the variety. 

chair to plie 16 of first, 12 of second; I held 3 lb weights as long as I could
crescent with walking arms 16 each side with 3 lb weights
side angle raise I did 8/side of these and 8/side of pulling my arm straight back (like pulling the string to start a lawnmower)
rowing plie 5/side; I used a 10 lb hand weight as I don't have a medicine ball
mermaid twist 14/side
kick the can 20/side (ouch!)

I added some reverse crunches and bicycles at the end for a little ab work. 

{Moves courtesy of Shape Magazine}

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