Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday night + Thanksgiving plans

So I know you've all been dying to know my pick for restaurant week ;) but we decided to forgo our fancy steakhouse dinner and put our pennies toward our Thanksgiving plane tickets!  I could not be more excited about going to spend the holidays with my biggest big bro and his adorable family.  Turkey and Black Friday will be so much better shared with them, plus I can't wait to get our chomp on with these two cuties to cheer on the Gators vs Florida State! Yay!

We did still head out to dinner last night to one of our favorite pizza places from Florida, Old Chicago.  Their buttery, deep dish crust is addicting!  Mike ordered from the Oktoberfest beer list and got this giant bottle which quickly became my new favorite beer (Ayinger Jahrhundert Bier).  I'll be searching for it in stores asap. 

We split a pizza with cheese for me and pepperoni and mushrooms for the mister.  It was good... but sadly no longer my favorite.  I'm not sure if the one up here isn't as good or if Mellow Mushroom and Pie in the Sky have just taken over as my new loves.  It was still a fun time!

This morning we woke up early and went running, ran some errands, and cleaned the house.  Vandy has been doing pretty great against Ole Miss so hopefully they can pull out a win.  We're now settling in to watch the Gators beat (fingers crossed) Tennessee.  Cheers!

Trying out Magic Hat Seasonal... Fall beer is the best!


  1. OMG Lauren looks like a little blond version of you!! Also, I agree, that mellow mushroom pizza was the best I've had in a long time. Wish you guys were going to gville for Thanksgiving though! We need to plan another get-together soon so I don't do into withdrawal :)

  2. sounds like a great choice to use the money to be with family!