Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our Saturday in Pictures

Yesterday welcomed back our most favorite time of the year.  I actually dreamed about football and woke up way too early with excitement!  Pretty sad, huh?  While being in the swamp yesterday would have been about a bazillion times better, we managed to enjoy our day up in Nashville.  Let's just hope the gators figure out how to step it up a little in the upcoming weeks.  Not sure my heart can take anymore fumbles or dropped snaps (come on Pouncey!).  Here's how our day went (post-Panera bagels of course):

Putting up the gator flag!

I actually beat Mike a few times and was pretty stoked about it!

Let's go gators!

Making mini pizza pockets at the half out of Publix bakery multigrain pizza dough.
They were so good!
Changing colors to support our second favorite SEC team!
Commodore stadium
Sitting in the Vanderbilt student section was definitely an experience.  I've never seen so many brightly colored ties, bow ties and sundresses in my life.  Apparently wearing school colors to a sporting event is overrated here?  I surely hope Florida fans don't fall victim to this strange tradition and continue to rock their orange and blue!

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