Thursday, December 2, 2010

Work it out

After enduring months of my begging nice suggestions, the Mister finally gave in to my endless requests to join a gym.  Apparently, he was planning on giving me the go-ahead as a Christmas gift and when I mentioned that the membership fees at the YMCA were waived until December 1st, he told me to go sign up!  I was so surprised and so thrilled. 

I enjoy running outside but have missed group fitness classes and the motivation from busy gyms that I haven't had since leaving GHFC.  I tried Vanderbilt's gym many times but the limited classes never fit with my schedule and driving 30 minutes each way for a workout is not something I ever wanted to do.  We now have lots of options including a brand new smaller gym a mile and half away and a huge one a few miles farther.  I've been a couple times and love it! I can't wait till Mike is over his horrible cold so he can come with.

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