Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap

We spent our Thanksgiving break this year in Texas with my big bro and his amazing family.  Our days were filled with lots of play time with the kids, eating too much seriously delicious food, shopping sales (well, that actually started about 3:30 AM on Black Friday), and enjoying our time with family.  I was terrible at taking pictures but do have a few to share!

Blake posing in front of the fireplace with the "Christmas socks"

boys went on a brewery tour in downtown Houston


brought back some rootbeer

mike and blake playing xbox kinect- I was sore for days from this silly game

more fireplace posing

my favorites :)

roasting marshmallows

our little quarterback- playing at the playground

probably making us some sand dinners

he loves Tebow :)
Thanks again to our wonderful hosts for such a great trip.  We miss you already!


  1. For some reason I look at Lauren and see myself when I was her age-- and think, we were friends at that point! :)

  2. Best Thanksgiving. Hope we can do it again next year. Shopping at 3:30am was so much better with you than by myself.