Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snow Day

Last weekend, in the midst of cramming for finals, it started to snow.  And it kept snowing... for over a day. 

FOUR inches!!
Being the true Floridians that we are, Hubs and I bundled up in some ridiculous clothes and headed outside for a snowball fight.  For once in my life, I completely kicked Mike's tail in something.  He will even admit it!

this was after just the first few hours of snow

see? snow covered. I win!
 After M admitted defeat, we decided to bring Pouncey out for some play time since he'd been attacking snowflakes through the window all day.  He was so funny eating and digging in the snow and chasing the flakes as they fell. 

Mike began throwing snow balls at him.  He desperately wanted to catch them and would dig in the snow looking for them after they landed.  Too cute!

It's not quite as funny as his kitten video, but he's still pretty darn cute. 


  1. Pouncey is such a good pounce-er :)

  2. So pretty. I love the picture of Pouncey.