Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Music City Recap

Touring Nashville this weekend was tons of fun. Although we visited nearly every apartment complex in Bellevue (the suburb 8 miles south of Vandy where we’ll actually be living), it didn’t take as long as we expected and the weekend turned into more of a mini-vacation. Aside from my mandatory weekly Panera bagel and Mike’s request for P.F. Chang’s (which they have ON campus!) we ate at lots of local places and discovered that the famous Pancake Pantry really might be worth the mile long line and BBQ does exist outside of Sonny’s. I was also pleasantly surprised by the discovery of Moes and “some new store called Publix”. I tried to take pictures everywhere we went so that you can all get a sneak peek of our weekend and what you’ll see when (yes, when) you come visit.

We walked around campus two afternoons and were amazed that people actually go to school in these very old and very beautiful buildings. There are lots of big lawns in between them with the prettiest trees full of white flowers. Tulips are also EVERYWHERE in Nashville. As some of you know, this is my favorite flower so seeing these all over the place was very exciting to me. I couldn’t take too many pics because people were going to class and might have thought it was a little creepy, but here are a few I managed to capture!

A picture of the white flowered trees that are everywhere:

I'm not sure I'll ever be able to accept this as a football stadium:

And finally, my section of campus:Up next: Music row and sightseeing

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