Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Food Truck Festival

Nashville Food Trucks are quite the popular thing around our city. I'd read about them several times without ever actually seeing any in person.  When M and I read about a food truck "festival" on a Saturday, we knew we wanted to check it out.

The Grilled Cheeserie was one I'd heard about many times and knew I wanted to try.  We quickly agreed on an option to share and loved every gooey bite. 

Next up was the Latin Wagon where we ordered a barbeque pork taco and some grilled jalepenos (I didn't share those!).  The pork was delicious and had me wishing I had ordered my own taco.

At this point we were nearly frozen so we decided hot soup was the perfect option.  Blackbird Heritage is a truck specializing in "farm to table."  All meat is "humanely raised on their own farm" and certified organic.  All dairy, cheese, and vegetables come from other local farms.

At this point, the lines were long so we opted to enjoy our soup in the car and head home.  We didn't sample as many trucks as we intended but our few selections were excellent and I hope to try more soon.

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