Friday, March 9, 2012

Fall Creek Thaw: 15K Race

Last Saturday, we made the two hour drive over to Fall Creek Falls State Park.  It was a park I'd been wanting to go to ever since hearing about the awesome waterfalls it contained.  The Tennessee State Park running tour happened to hold its final race in the winter series at the park. 

We signed up for the 15K hoping to see lots of the park on our run.  Unfortunately, while still a gorgeous route, we skipped the paths that take you to falls.  We still managed to enjoy the course and I solidified my belief that 10ish mile races are my ideal distance. 

After the race we drove up to the main fall overlook for a few photos.  We decided to save the trail to the base of falls for another day when we saw its "strenuous" warning (maybe a day without a 9 mile run beforehand). 

256 feet tall, largest fall east of the Mississippi

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  1. Such great inspiration! I've been meaning to sign up for a race. Although the most I've ran was 6 miles. I'll get there :)