Friday, March 16, 2012

Camping at Natchez Trace State Park

After some intense stalking, we decided to meet up with our favorite Memphis residents at a halfway point for a camping trip at Natchez Trace State Park.  We arrived around lunchtime, gathered firewood, and setup our site. We hiked around the park for a bit before settling in around a campfire until it was SO cold that we had to get in our sleeping bags.  The night dragged on (and on) for me as it was freeeeezing cold.  I was so very glad when the sun finally started shining.  Overall, it was a super fun weekend getaway and reunion with some friends. 

E totally put up her tent by herself.  impressive.
we have room for an army in ours (red)

ellie ate all our firewood broke up sticks for us

family hiking photo

extended family hiking photo ;)

beavers work!  where was he?

so glad to see this girl

she loved camping

boys making the fire


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  1. looks so fun!! but i'm really sad you were so cold :( wish i could have come!