Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Chimney Tops Hike

A few weeks back, Mike and I headed east to the Smoky Mountains to take advantage of the cabin and meet up with A and T.  The weekend was a perfect getaway.  We spent our time exploring Gatlinburg, playing laser tag and mini-golf, spinning out in driving go-carts, playing pool and hold'em, eating yummy food, running on my favorite wooded trail, and, of course, hiking.

Our hike brought us to a trail M and I had done on a previous trip: Chimney Tops.  The hike is only about 4.5 miles round trip but climbs 1400 feet and is rated strenuous.  It definitely gets your heart pumping!

After you finally make it up the challenging trail, you come to a giant rock formation.  Walking ceases to be an option and your hands become completely necessary to help you climb up the rocks.  It's actually pretty terrifying.

Somehow my memories of my fear from our first climb were forgotten and I again found myself halfway up and super scared.  Unfortunately, crawling back down is more intimidating that continuing to the top so I was committed.  Mike hopped around with no fear and took pictures :)

so steep!

We snapped a few quick pictures at the top (yay tripod and self timer) and made our way back down.

I absolutely love hiking in the Smokies.  There are a million trails with awesome views and I can't wait to get back and try some new ones.

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