Saturday, June 18, 2011

Beach Day!

Our second day of our Florida vacay we woke up super early to take the pup to the beach before it got crowded.  It was actually still dark out the first time the alarm went off so we were able to hit the snooze button and still catch sunrise over the water when we got up.

i think this is my most favorite spot to spend a morning ever.
I think Ellie liked the beach even more than the pool.

pretty sweet birds out stalking the fisherman

She realized she could run forever.  Luckily the fishermen loved goldens and didn't mind!

she looks ridiculous.
After we exhausted her, the boys went out on the boat for some fishing while my Mom and I went back to the beach for some more relaxation.

The rest of the afternoon was spent lounging by the pool, playing Rummikub and eating more yummy food. 

We finished the day with a relaxing boat ride.  Hubs was excited to try out the new camera lens.

don't kill me for posting this picture.  it was just too cute :)

love that boy.
turquoise beach mansion? yes, please.

might make this into a puzzle

don't know these people.

lots and lots of osprey

giving her grandma some hugs.

there's nothing better than a boat ride.

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