Thursday, January 13, 2011

Garth Recap

After finishing my last final of the semester, I hurried to the airport to pick up two of my bests for the weekend we'd been waiting for.  Seeing Garth Brooks live was far better than I ever could have hoped (and my expectations were high)!  He sang all his best songs with the enthusiasm you'd expect and the incredible voice everyone loves.  I think I'd happily have gone to every one of his 9 shows that week if I'd been in town.

they so neglected to tell me about their plaid shirt plan.  fail.

every place had a sign for Garth

We also packed a few more fun adventures into our weekend including Honky Tonking, baking a ridiculous number of Christmas goodies, visiting Bluebird Cafe and the Opry Hotel, and ordering a drink (actually, I go for the donuts) from one of the Top 10 Best New Cocktail Bars: Patterson House.  As always, my time with these two was way too fun and way too short.  Picture recap:

patterson house

patterson house.

lights at the Opry

Opry Poinsettia trees

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  1. Annnnd now I want to come back :)
    Too bad my "no flying until absolutely necessary" rule is in effect...