Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Blame it all on my roots..."

Ever since I was a little girl, I've been obsessed with Garth Brooks.  I still haven't let my family live it down that way-back-when they all got to see his show and left me at home (yes, I was probably far too young... but still!).  Hubs and I have had a deal for as long as I can remember that if he ever came back on tour, we'd be there.  Lucky for me, last week I heard the most exciting announcement ever... Garth would be performing in Nashville!!!  The days following the announcement were pretty stressful for me as I knew I HAD to be there and yet the chances of actually obtaining the much-coveted tickets were so slim.

Following a crazy wrist band acquiring line on Thursday and a second random number drawing line on Saturday, I ended up about 10 people back in line at the Ticketmaster outlet Saturday morning.  Thinking this was a somewhat decent spot to be, you can imagine my horror when THREE people made it through the line in the approximately 1 minute the tickets were on sale before selling out.  Before I could cry, the manager announced that they were going to be opening more show dates based on the number of people in lines at the various locations around Middle Tennessee.  Luckily, when the next show date was released, I happily claimed the final four tickets sold at my location!!  I literally screamed in excitement, wished good luck to my newly acquired line-friends and danced out the door.

I am officially going to see Garth Brooks!!! I still cannot believe it.  Plus, two of my best friends (one of whom also has this concert on her Bucket List) will be flying in from Philly for the show.

Overall they ended up selling 140,000 tickets to nine shows and raising $3.5 million for flood relief.

Now let's just hope he sings that third verse...

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