Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Several weeks ago I found out about a promotion by POM Wonderful (the company that produces pomegranates and the now popular POM juice) called Pom-a-Gram.  All you had to do was fill out a page on their website and they'd send a pomegranate to the person of your choice.  Mike laughed at me and told me it would never come but he was wrong! 

I was very excited when our Pom-a-Gram arrived and wanted hubs to take a picture with it.  This was all I got...

The box was adorable and what was inside was even better!

HUGE pom
Cutting it up was messy but luckily it came with directions so it wasn't quite as disastrous as my past experiences have been.  So delicious!

lots of arils- yum!

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