Friday, July 23, 2010

Another move

As of today, we are officially moved out of our downtown apartment and into our new rental house in the 'burbs.  The move was relatively uneventful and we are loving our new space.  Our house is located in a neighborhood about 10 miles out from downtown, close to Brentwood, TN.  It's surrounded by lots of new restaurants we can't wait to try and the staples I need to survive: Publix, Target, Panera, (and the greatest TJMaxx/Homegoods ever which I've already been to like 5 times).  The area is really pretty and extraordinarily hilly.  I know I'll miss the convenience of our downtown spot to the excitement of lower Broadway but we're loving having a third bedroom and huge deck and backyard.  Plus, we have a completely awesome flagpole to hang our Gator flag come September 4th (priorities, people!).  Here's a few pictures Mike took before we moved in.  We are busy decorating and finding places for all our stuff.  I'll snap some more pictures of the place once things are a little more organized!

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