Friday, August 27, 2010

Florida Recap

My 12 days in Florida seemed to fly by as did this last week of back-to-school adjustment.  I spent a week down on Manasota Key at the condo.  Mike was there for the first half of the week before he had to go back to Nashville to get some work done and my mom joined me the second half of the week.  The weather was sunny and hot every day and the water was warm.  It was a perfect, and much needed, vacation!  We spent our days and nights relaxing, swimming, sharks tooth hunting, eating and shopping.  I also got to spend a couple days in Gainesville catching up with some Florida friends and eating all my favorite foods from home.
back of the condo- my favorite morning spot
Boys fishing trip.  They caught lots of little sharks.
Sunset cruise on the boat.
Pelican tree!  We counted 23 pelicans in here at one time!!
We saw so many amazing sunsets.

Mike came back to Florida the next weekend for a friends bachelor party and we arrived back home Sunday afternoon in spite of the series of disasters that occurred Saturday.  (think: lost keys in Cedar Key, calling a locksmith and a tow truck, hoping to have time to make it back to get our Uhaul trailer, making it to get the trailer only to find out we don't have towing lights on our car, scrapping the whole plan and shoving everything we could in the back of the jeep!)
I had orientation Monday to meet the new first year students (yikes- I'm a second year!) and get my fall schedule.  Mike and I hosted a back to school get together at our place Tuesday night that was a lot of fun!  We grilled a ton of burgers, dogs, and sausages and fell even more in love with having a deck, patio furniture, and grill to enjoy.  I jumped back into classes on Wednesday and today am heading back to Florida for Erin's bridal shower and bachelorette party weekend!  I can't wait to have a girl filled weekend celebrating the beautiful bride-to-be!

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