Friday, August 7, 2009

I'm happy to report...

We are officially all moved in to our new place (Apartment 1111- so lucky!) in Nashville. The move up was uneventful as our stuff fit easily into the uhaul and the drive was suprisingly quick thanks to Mike and his Dad's skilled (or perhaps kamikaze?) driving of the truck/trailer combo. We hadn't yet seen our apartment building in person and were pleasantly surprised to find that it exceeded any expectations we had from the website. The building is beautiful and our apartment is perfect. We are eleven floors up with a corner unit that looks out over the city. Our building is right in the middle of downtown and just two quick blocks from Broadway Street which is the main attraction of Nashville night life as it's home to endless bars, restaurants, shops, and live music day and night. We're also in walking distance to the main performing arts centers, museums, hockey stadium, Titans stadium, and Cumberland river. Adjusting to city life is an interesting thing- one way streets and the extremely large homeless population keep things exciting. Pouncey stares out the windows for hours and can't quite comprehend why he's unable to catch the birds that fly by. It will also take a serious effort not to gain 300 pounds by trying to eat at all the tantalizing restaurants surrounding us in every direction. Hopefully the hills (weird concept, I know) will help keep that in check since my legs haven't stopped hurting since we got here. Every day when Mike gets done working we set out to explore a new part of the city so we'll know all the best places to take you all when you come visit us :) We miss everyone already and I don't think I've even realized yet that I'm living in my new apartment and not just on vacation at a great hotel. Here are some views from our apartment windows that we get to look at all day every day. Pretty neat to us small-town folk...

Pouncey obiously wanted to be in a picture...

View of the skyline. We're by the building on the right with the two tall points.The piano building (country music hall of fame)View of our building from the outside.

City at night. Also where the fireworks are seen!


  1. can't wait to come visit! looks amazing :)

  2. Katie I'm super happy for you guys.
    The view is amazing!!! We miss you here at MAIC but we are also very excited for you and this new chapter in your life. Keep blogging!!