Friday, August 21, 2009

One of my favorite places

Mike and I spent last weekend at my grandparents lakehouse, Sandy Run. It was, as always, a fun and relaxing time. I have spent countless summers at this spot and am always happy to return- something about turning down that familiar gravel road takes you away from your everyday life and offers the perfect place to unwind. Our time was spent laughing with family, eating way too much of Grandma's delicious cooking that's always too tempting to resist, boating and fishing, and playing washers and dominos. We didn't take many pictures but I'll share a few that we managed to capture.

We had to take the ferry over the river. I was not excited by this. At all. If you look in the mirror you can see the semi behind us. We were convinced they couldn't possibly let it on the ferry with us as it was full of milk and must weigh over the limit. We were so wrong. Miles of fields on the way there.We caught a billion of these blue gill.
Baby fishies!Then he caught a monster cat fish without trying. Pretty sure it made his day :)This is the tool we wished we had remembered to take on the boat with us!

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