Monday, June 22, 2009

Wedding Recap 1: The Girls get Gorgeous!

The girls in my wedding are 5 of my most favorite people and I could never live without any of them. Spending the wedding morning getting ready with them is one of my favorite parts of my wedding day. We laughed and relaxed and I believe it's the reason I never got stressed out or nervous. These are some of my favorites of us getting pretty!

Hair salon with the amazing Becca who did all of our up-dos

Girls at the hair salon in the shirts I made everyone!
I loved that each girl's hair was unique to them. I thought everyone looked so fabulous!

Makeup time back at the hotel!

Reading my love note from my groom! We totally got each other the exact same card :) I guess it really was the perfect card!
Hair, check. Makeup, check. Time for strawberry mimosas!
Awesome champagne flutes made by the bridesmaids.
Cheers to us!
Beautiful Mother-of-the-Bride!
All the girls in the limo on the way to the church!

Alyssa admiring my pretty dress while we waited for the weirdo funeral people to get out of the room so I could get dressed!

Finally getting to wear the dress!

Up next: Guys get ready

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