Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Texas Thanksgiving

Mike and I spent Thanksgiving weekend with our Houston family.  We kicked off our Thanksgiving morning with my first ever Turkey Dash.  Lauren ran the kids 1 miler and wore herself running a speedy 9 minute mile.  She was the cutest thing ever sprinting across the finish line.  I see a future in racing for her ;).  Mike and I ran the 10K and it was the perfect way to kick off a day of eating.

The girls manned the kitchen for the majority of the day and had a lot of fun cooking together.  The boys were in charge of frying the turkey.  Everything came together perfectly and tasted delicious. 

Mil and I were up early (or does 3am still qualify as late night?) for some black Friday shopping.  We hit up tons of stores and found lots of good deals. 

Texas weather was hot and sunny so we enjoyed lots of time outside- swimming and playing with the kids and goldendoodle Daisy.  We captured lots of cute pictures of the day...

It was the perfect holiday weekend! 

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