Friday, October 19, 2012

Weekend in Georgia

A few days after getting home from Philly, we packed up our stuff again for a weekend at Alex and T's.  We drove over early Friday morning and arrived just in time for a lunch at The Troll Restaurant on the Chattahoochee River.


Our next stop was Dukes Creek Falls for a quick hike.  It was a short walk for a very pretty falls- win!  

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing in the back yard with the puppies.  Once T made it home from work, we went out for some amazing barbeque and some entertaining bowling.  

Saturday, we were up early for our second time running the Currahee Challenge.  

currahee mountain- we climb to the towers at the top
We loved the race last year and were excited to tackle the brutal hills again.  


pre-race boys
Once again, the mountain kicked my butt.  I tried to keep pace with Alex but the final climb got me and I slowed to a walk.  You have to love the walking-in-place feeling up steep hills.  I crossed the finish line just under 1 hour (beating last years time) and found the boys to congratulate them on their speedy races. 

I found out I placed third in my age group so we waited around for the awards ceremony to claim my medal.  

After the race we replenished our calories with some delicious Mexican food and then broke the curse of watching Florida lose to LSU at their house.  Go Gators!

On Sunday, the boys had a shooting match to participate in.  T and I (and Ellie) went to spectate. There were six stages with different scenarios and they take turns shooting the targets.  It was quite the experience and I know M loved it. 

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