Sunday, October 7, 2012

Philly: Day One

Last weekend we went up to Philadelphia to celebrate the wedding of some of our best friends, Alyssa and Matt.  We flew in late Thursday night, checked into our B&B, said hi to P&E who were staying in the next room and got right to sleep to rest up for our day of sightseeing.  

The Liberty Room at La Reserve B&B

Our tour of Philly started off at the Mutter Museum.  E and I had been before on a past visit to the city but knew our boys would love it.  No photos are allowed but it was filled with medical oddities such as the original Siamese twins, Einstein’s brain, abnormal organs, and drawers full of odd objects recovered from peoples intestines.  It’s a definite must-do in our opinion.  

outside mutter museum
Our next stop was to the new Philly Shake Shack.  I started my obsession with the burgers and custards on our trip to NYC and insisted on taking the group there.  


We walked off our food babies on a long walk along Schuylkill (yeah, try to pronounce that) river up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to see the Rocky statue and steps.  

rocky steps at the museum


Our tour continued back down Ben Franklin Pkwy with stops at the outdoor Rodin Museum, Logan Square, Love Park, and City Hall. 

We completed our afternoon with a stop at Rita’s water ice.  E and I were very excited to let the boys experience the deliciousness of Rita’s.  

We finally made it back to the B&B to rest up and get ready for our evening fun.  Our first stop was Tangier for a “mystery beer in a bag.”  

Unfortunately, they wouldn’t give us one since it was happy hour.  Instead we settled on continuing our obsession with fall beers and tried out Manayunk Yunkin Punkin and Stoudt’s Oktoberfest. 

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens was our next place to visit.  It’s located on South Street and definitely lives up to its funky reputation.  The entire place is a giant indoor/outdoor mosaic with all kinds of crazy artwork.  We had lots of fun exploring.

We finally met up with our friends for the Rehearsal Dinner at Supper.  The menu congratulated the bride and groom and contained lots of yummy options- all of which were very well enjoyed.  

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