Friday, April 27, 2012

Nashville visitors

Because we love Nashville so much, we are always excited to introduce our city to first time visitors.  This past weekend we were lucky enough to have my Dad, Cindy and Alex (not a first timer) for a visit.  Alex and I started our Friday afternoon with lunch at one of East Nashville's new hotspots- The Pharmacy: Burger Parlor and Beer Garden.  It was a gorgeous afternoon and we enjoyed our visit at one of the picnic tables in their big outdoor area.  They have a large and very reasonably priced beer selection and lots of burger options to choose from.

lucky bucket ipa (yum!) and red rye something-or-other

classic burger + sweet potato fries

After lunch we headed home to meet Mike and await the arrival of the others. We had a  nice evening grilling and eating on the deck followed by an entertaining game of Guesstures. 

Saturday morning we were up early (thank you Ellie) for a run and some homemade doughnuts.  I brought everyone into the clinic to show off some of what I do every day.

mold room... those are lungs ;)

thanks Dad for the super attractive pics ;)
We walked around Vandy for a quick campus tour, had a picnic lunch and tried not to freeze to death.

college campuses have such weird statues

Our next stop was downtown for a few of our favorite Honky Tonks.

at legends

at legends

honky tonk row

edge of town

$1 PBRs at laylas... that were actually $2.50- lame.

shuffleboard tables

shuffleboard champ pose?
We finished the night with dinner downtown and were up early on Sunday to fight the lines at Pancake Pantry (for more eating!).  Alex headed out for his drive home a little after breakfast and the rest of us spent an afternoon picnicking at Arrington Vineyards.

It was a great weekend and we hope for more visitors again soon :)


  1. Nice to see shuffleboard in other parts of the country. (I'm in PA near Philly and it's popular here)

  2. Hey Kate!

    I just came across your blog and saw we have a few things in common. Firstly, we are both Gator fans! My fiance graduated from UF in 2006 and has converted me into a crazy gator fan (our apartment is decked out in all things UF). Also, my dog's name is Ella May and yours is Ellie Mae? So cute! Anyway, I love your blog and love the recipes and fun things you post. I will continue to stop by!

    1. Ella May! so cute... what kind of dog is she? Thanks for the comment :) Go gators!