Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Lazy Weekend In

Between our busy spring travels and weekend visitors, we decided to keep last weekend (more like a week and a half ago now.... falling behind as usual!) very low key and relax around the house.  The weather was perfect- warm with blue skies and plenty of sun.

giant front yard flowers
I was too lazy to get out the real camera so I took advantage of the fact that Instagram finally exists on Android!

We started our days at the gym as I was finally getting over my never ending cold and wanted to jump back into a regular routine.  Our Opry Mills mall finally opened back up (almost 2 years after the flood) so we joined the rest of Nashville Tennessee to enjoy the fabulous sales. 

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night dinners were grilled outside and we spent most of our evenings on the deck.

Mike picked up some fun beers to try including my personal favorite that I haven't had in months.


In true meemaw/peepaw fashion, we played lots of two person card games.

Ellie's ideal life would be us spending every second of the day outside with her so she was pretty pleased with the evening events.

Sunday we pulled out our road bikes for the first time this year and drove out to Natchez for a ride.

hah i'm a dork
We filled up on a yummy brunch at a new-to-us place, ran some errands, washed the cars and then spent another relaxing evening grilling dinner and catching up on our DVR (anyone else obsessed with New Girl?). 

because every post needs multiple pics of the golden

I'm usually the go-go-go type so it was a nice change of pace.


  1. 1. You are adorable
    2. LOVE new girl
    3. Ellie sleeps like a human

  2. I AM OBSESSED WITH NEW GIRL!!! My fiancé says I remind him of Jess because I sing all my sentences and make up lyrics as I go along :) Haha. And your golden is so sweet looking! Love her!