Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Home for Labor Day

We were fortunate enough to make it to Florida to get to spend the first Gator game in the Swamp.  Last year we failed to make it home for a single game and I refused to let that happen again. 

ellie was SO excited.

with my Mom!

It was great to spend some time with my Mom, get some Gainesville eats, and enjoy the excitement of game day.

we tailgated by lake alice and saw tons of gators!

at the tailgate spot

obligatory self portrait

life size jenga? need this!

gator buggy.  need this too ;)

albert and alberta
here come the gators!

some of the crew


second half

check out the dance moves.
celebrating the win
The original reason for our trip was to attend a pig roast hosted by Mike's bro's family.  We drove (farther) south on Sunday for the event.  It was great to see everyone and, of course, to get our hands on this little guy.  He has changed SO much since last time and keeps getting cuter!  We failed to take too many pictures, mostly because we were busy hogging Ryan snuggles. 
grandmom with Ryan

the pig!  any ideas what M is doing back there?

i think they usually seem happier when playing cornhole

Ryan and his Uncle Mike
Despite the intense amount of driving the weekend held, we had a such a great time and only wish we could have spent more time with everyone!

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  1. So jealous. We have not been to a games in several years now.