Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Updating our chairs

We recently decided to reupholster our kitchen chairs as light fabric and messy eaters don't mix too well. We  finally settled on a fabric (after I found like twenty I loved).

I would recommend using a staple gun for this task.  We bought a gun and staples that did not go together.  Being stubborn, Mike decided to use a regular stapler and smash it ridiculously hard instead of going back to the store.  I think his hand was pretty sore by the end. 

We love the way it turned out! 

The whole thing:
{Excuse the blurry cell phone pictures!}


  1. That looks SO good! Love the fabric choice.

  2. Looks amazing. :) We used to do that all the time with our old table. When we got a new table I said they could not have fabric because of the kids. Of course the kind with fabric are usually way better so we have cushions on the chairs and I can just throw them away. A little less work for me. LOL