Saturday, February 6, 2010

Newly in love with shoes

I'm not sure when exactly it happened, but somewhere over the past year I morphed from a girl who wears reefs every. single. day. to one who spends far too many should-be-studying hours drooling over shoes. Nashville weather has left me dreaming of these frivolous luxuries which, unfortunately, my grad student budget cannot quite justify.

Delicious, glossy, fuchsia. What more could you ask for to combat the never ending Tennessee rain? Well, besides the coordinating fleece socks, of course.

{Hunter Original Gloss, $115}

And what could be better than a little sheepskin hug for your toesies to cope with the frigid temperatures? Especially since they come in this adorable baby pink.

{UGG Dakota Slipper, $100}

And while we're on the topic of amazing, but oh-so-overpriced shoes- if I could do the wedding again... I'd be begging the Mister for these beauties. They're totally re-wearable, right?
{Christian Louboutin Glitter Pump, $595}

{Inspiration found here}


  1. So I am attempting to add myself as a follower but for some reason can't find the "follow me thing"...perhaps I am incompetent...

    On a different note, try looking on ebay for some of these. I got the ugg slippers you posted for like half if not 1/4 of the price off ebay, brand new, and in a box. I sort of have an ebay obsession but when it works works out. Oh, and I would LOVE to own a pair of louboutins. Its so amazing how when they are in the movie you know who made them and there are no other shoes like that. These remind me of a cooler, trendy, dorthy shoe...and I think they are amazing :)

  2. Yummmy... Yes please, Yea, and I'll take 20.

  3. my friend at work has a pair of slippers like the Uggs that she got at Target and they look identical and she said they're super comfy. And I've been wanting Hunters for awhile now... perhaps not in bright pink though :)

  4. I bought some fantastic rain boots from, they look identical to Hunters-minus the huge logo and the price-I of course bought the green ones. If you sign up for the rewards program they send you $10 for signing up AND $10 on your birthday month. What could be better than that?