Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bump Update: Weeks 29-30

How big is baby? At 30 weeks, baby is as long as a cucumber (this comparison makes me think she's shrinking?).  She's 16 inches long and weighs about 3 pounds.  She feels BIG and I can feel her moving on both sides of my belly simultaneously. 

How am I feeling?  Pretty good still.  Definitely starting to slow down a bit and feel slightly exhausted again.  Belly feels stretched out and 10 more weeks of growth is intimidating!  Lots of Braxton Hicks and pressure down low.  That part is not fun.  But also, thankful.  I've spent most of the pregnancy terrified and, while still very anxious, the end is in sight and I can.not.wait.
Food aversions/cravings?  Cereal, pizza, and fruit are all still so good.  No real aversions.  Trying to eat slow and steady throughout the day to stay comfortable!
Sleep:  Hah... They say the insomnia prepares you for baby, right?

Maternity clothes: Yes... Hopeful my non-maternity gym clothes keep working for another two months.
Best moments:  Still the movement.  I didn't think she could get crazier, but she did.  I've grown pretty fond of this little girl's wiggles and somersaults.  Also, summer has officially arrived in Vegas so we've spent lots of time in the pool.  Being in the water makes me feel like less of a whale and more of a human so that's a nice change!

Miss anything?  Backing off workouts a bit has been kind of a bummer but I'm thankful that I'm still able to be active most days.  I'm still making it through MOST of my spin classes and body pump for now, though we'll see for how much longer.  The elliptical and long walks are my friends.  

Nursery progress: It's mostly done!  I just need to wash the bedding so I can put it on the crib (that she won't sleep in for a very long time).  I go in there daily and sort through her stuff and dream about bringing her home!
Thoughts on pregnancy:  "TWO months to go" is the greatest sound ever.  I feel like I've just had a shift from being excited for the next stage of pregnancy to now being excited to meet our daughter.  I'm constantly imagining how it will be holding her for the first time and seeing her with her Daddy and I can hardly stand the excitement!  
Looking forward to:  Our labor and delivery tour is coming up next week and our infant CPR class is shortly after.  We also booked our newborn photographer and she's coming over soon to discuss the plan for her first photos.  We're on our way to Florida to relax on the beach and celebrate a friend's wedding.  I can't wait for Hannah to get to kick for her Grandma :)

29 Week Bump

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