Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bump Update: Weeks 16/17/18

How big is baby? At 18 weeks, baby is the size of a sweet potato! She's a almost 6 inches long and weighs about 6.7 ounces. Her cartilage is turning to bone, her brain is taking over control of her heartbeat, and she is beginning to be able to hear us.  She can also yawn, hiccup, and swallow. 
How am I feeling?  I finally have some days with no nausea which is SO nice.  And then randomly I'm throwing up all day long again.  Either way, nausea feels normal to me now so I handle it pretty well.  Still enjoying round ligament pains as my baby grows and my uterus moves out from inside my pelvis.  I've noticed they are more intense after running but am told they'll improve over time.  I also have some days filled with nerve pain "down there."  It can be crazy intense but luckily doesn't last too long. 
I've also officially reached the hormonal/emotional side of pregnancy.  I'm overwhelmed almost daily by how incredibly grateful I am to be growing a little girl inside of me.  I tear up just thinking about how lucky we are to be on this journey.  Actually, I tear up at anything remotely emotional.  After miscarrying my first pregnancy and experiencing a couple months of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant, I feel like we have such a huge appreciation for the whole process.  I watch my ultrasound videos all the time and am filled with so much love for this little girl. 
Food aversions/cravings?  I am eating most things now aside from the random meals that I plan and then can't stomach the thought of.  I would love to eat cereal all day every day.  I actually dreamed the other night that I was eating bowl after bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and it was so amazing. 
Sleep:  Still pretty bad.  I wake up often and usually spend an hour or two reading in the middle of the night. Annoying but I'm not overly tired in the daytime so it's not so bad. 
Maternity clothes: Still just the two pair of maternity pants but jeans are getting interesting so that might be my next purchase.  I've bought a few dresses and a couple nonmaternity elastic waist shorts and skirts (thanks Jcrew for carrying those this year!). 
Best moments: I feel slightly less terrified about something bad happening now that I'm in the second trimester.  However, one bad story and I'm frantically overnighting a doppler ultrasound to my house so we can listen to baby's heartbeat.  So now M and I can listen to her together whenever we want and it is absolutely amazing every time. 
Another one- I've woken up two mornings with a big ball of baby sticking out of one side of my belly.  I put my hand on her and felt her move back to a normal position.  It was so awesome and I can't wait to feel more movements! 
Miss anything? This time last year we were in full on Ironman training mode.  I'm a definitely missing the satisfaction of a really hard workout. 
Nursery progress:  We've been working like crazy in the nursery every weekend.  We end each Sunday completely exhausted BUT the walls are almost done and it looks great!  We both wander in there every day because we love it so much.  A chandelier and mirror were also purchased this week. 
Thoughts on pregnancy: Pregnancy is painful and stressful, but it's also the greatest thing ever.  The thought of growing a little one is pretty incredible!  I can't wait for all the weeks to come. 
Looking forward to: Two week countdown till our 20 week scan.  Can.not.wait.

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