Friday, May 3, 2013

Weekend in Louisville- Part II

After we'd recovered a bit from our race, we were ready to explore the city.  It was unfortunately a little rainy for the rest of the day and we weren't up for tons of walking, so we limited our fun to a few local breweries- Against the Grain, BBC, and Gordon Biersch (not local).

Around 5:30 we headed out to Churchill Downs for Opening Night of the Derby.

the twin spires
Walking in we walked right by the area where they bring the horses prior to each race to introduce them. 

We had purchased general admission tickets and had no idea what to expect.  Luckily, general admission means sit wherever you want, including front row by the finish! We claimed our awesome spot and loved every race.  I couldn't believe how into it and excited everyone gets.  We were yelling along with everyone else and having so much fun. 

walking the horses by before the race

coming into the finish

It was so awesome to watch the horses zooming right by!  We also enjoyed some of the fun classic derby drinks and attire.  I didn't realize opening night was such a big night for high fashion hats, headbands, and dresses.  Luckily, general admission didn't enforce dress code and I wasn't too out of place in my rain boots and jeans. 

M loved mint juleps!
We didn't end up betting for real but we each picked a horse for every race and kept track of who won the most.  Mike's obvious choice for one of the races (and she won):

Sunday morning we explored a little bit more of the area by driving through a giant old cemetery (it's listed as an attraction, I promise) and a big park.  Overall we had a great trip.  I loved seeing a new town by running through it and we are now both officially obsessed with horse racing.  Maybe one day we'll make it to the actual Derby!

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