Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Englewood recap, a few months late

The blog has been a little too quiet lately.  Our August weekends have been pretty low-key.  We have a pretty packed fall coming up so we've been enjoying our time relaxing and getting caught up with everything at home.  This weekend we are so excited to spend some time with the Hisey family, including little Ryan!  Thinking about the upcoming visit made me realize I never posted the pictures of our last visit to Florida back in June!  We drove down for Memorial Day week and spent a few days at Mike's parents and a few days in Gainesville for the wedding of my longest friend.  Here are some of our favorite photos of our time in Englewood!

We watched Ryan crawling like crazy and "walking" with push toys. 

We played in the pool with Ryan. 

just riding ellie mae

After an amazing dinner of fresh seafood, we walked over to the beach for a little shell collecting. 

looking for sharks teeth
The last day we took advantage of the sunshine and played with Ellie in the pool.

We finished the trip with my favorite thing- a boat ride.

It was such a fun few days.  I miss when we lived close and enjoyed many weekends in Englewood! 


  1. Ellie and Ryan are both so adorable :)

  2. Great pictures! We wished you lived closer too!