Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Mike and I just got back from an amazing few days at the beach in Destin, FL with my family.  My oldest bro and family rented a place on the beach (previous trip here) for a week and we crashed their party last Saturday through Wednesday.  My Mom and other brother and my Sis-in-law's family also joined in on the fun. 

We woke up early every day for a hot and humid run and then sped down to the beach where we would spend the entire day soaking up the sun, playing in the sand and enjoying the gorgeous blue water.  It was the perfect escape and we loved every bit of it. 

Blake couldn't get enough of playing in the sand.  He built castle after castle and was so happy.  Lauren was a wave riding champion.  She would boogie board all the way to shore and didn't mind at all when the waves knocked her under.

 The "big boys" played lots of football and frisbee. 

group shot of the boys

girls group shot
I remembered Milissa desperately wanting to parasail last year so when I suggested it this year we rounded up a group and headed out.  We all absolutely loved it.  I was the only one who had done it before but it was a much different experience than in Jamaica! 


so fun!
We also rented jet skis one day and had an amazing time on them.  Mike and I shared one and my Mom rode on the back of my brothers.  Apparently, my Mom was NOT a fan and was absolutely terrified.  M and I had so much fun jumping the waves as I hung on for my life! 

Our days at the beach were followed by nights back on the sand, playing games in the condo or out at the Baytown Wharf for dinner and fireworks. 

the whole group

view from the restaurant

mother daughter


with my favorite little girl
The morning we left, I dragged everyone out to the beach for a quick group photo. 

I also have to share the one of the cutest family photos ever.  Thanks to this crew for an amazing time at the beach!  We miss you all already!

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  1. Katie - We are glad that you guys could make it down. Can't wait to do it again next summer.