Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Chicago Bachelorette, Part II

After a fun day of Chicago sightseeing, we returned to the hotel to setup for the evenings bachelorette festivities.

We decorated with pink streamers, pink champagne, and a few bachelorette items.

The girls all met up at the hotel to enjoy some champagne and cupcakes before we walked two blocks to dinner at Tavern on Rush.

self timed photo of me and the bachelorette- chopped off my head... oh well.

the group
After dinner we made our way to the Signature Lounge on the 96th floor of the John Hancock Building.

We arrived just in time to wait in only a short line for our (super fast) elevator ride to the top.

Once up top, we found a table and enjoyed the fancy cocktail list while surrounded by gorgeous views of the city.

cutest bachelorette ever.

Next up on our list was a show at the Baton Lounge.  Unfortunately, no pics were allowed in the building but picture a bunch of men dressed as women (and "altered" to be more womanly) dancing around on stage.  It was pretty entertaining and definitely a different experience for us all.

Long lines and cold weather ruined our plans for a night of dancing so we ended up back at the hotel after the show.  Overall the night was lots of fun.  I loved celebrating one of my best friends, exploring a new-to-me city and meeting lots of new girls.  I can't wait to be maid of honor in Christina's wedding in a few weeks!

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